Kids poncho towel

Use the towel after a shower, bath or sauna and take it with you to the spa or the beach.

Children's poncho towels are hooded and pleasantly spacious, but at the same time they stay on and won't slip off even when playing Batman or Little Red Riding Hood. :)

Bamboo towels are very absorbent and soft against the skin. They are light in weight and compact, so they are also excellent travel companions.

The absorbency of towels is best after fifth wash but their softness stays silky even after long-time usage.

Sizes: (Size, Shoulder lenght, Poncho lenght )
86- 25cm, 50cm          122- 34cm, 65cm
92- 26cm, 53cm          128- 34cm, 67cm
98- 26cm, 55cm          134- 34cm, 69 cm
104- 30cm, 59cm       140- 35cm, 71cm
110- 30cm, 61cm        146- 36cm, 73cm
116- 32cm, 63cm        152- 38cm, 75cm

Material: 90% bamboo, 10% polyethene
Machine washing at 30 degrees

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