Hello, Visitor!

We are Olga and Liisi. We are sisters.

While since the childhood our love has been to create with our hands and artistic mind, the natural continuation of life is that we also do it as adults. That's why there is Meriam, our fifth child between the two of us.

Olga has learned a lot of sewing and crafts in her lifetime, as well as a lot about applying those skills to life. Even before learning.
Meanwhile, “gone away” from the sewing, but the heart still calls to what makes the soul and mind sing.

Liis also likes clothing, but more than making them, wearing them. Art and design are her hobbies, and with these skills she also supports Olga in Meriam's activities.

When we created the Meriam, we knew we wanted to do it with soul and ethics. As a result, we are not bringing forward large quantities, but in small volumes, and most happy to fill orders. When choosing fabrics, we pay attention to making them friendlier to the body and the world - we prefer natural to artificial fibers. We want our products to last and be loved by the wearer. We make clothes and towels according to the customer's wishes and specifications, and we do our best to ensure that they are of high quality and will delight You and Your family for a long time.

Photos: Liis Raudsepp